Concierge Lifestyle & Wellness Program

The B.Healthy Resident Wellness Program is made up of several different components to provide residents access to resources that promote mental and physical well-being. Based on our three dimensions of wellness, the B.Healthy Resident Wellness Program promotes a greater sense of overall health and wellness, while also offering residents exciting opportunities to engage and connect within their own communities and beyond. To find out if your community participates in the B.Healthy Resident Wellness Program, please see an agent.  













Little Free Libraries

By introducing this program to our communities, we hope to foster a deeper sense of community and engagement with residents. It is a unique amenity that has a lasting impact on every community.

Torch Fitness

As an exclusive benefit of BH Companies, we are proud to offer complimentary virtual lifestyle and wellness events and classes at select communities. We guarantee there is something for every resident.

Pure Air Pledge

BH is committed to providing a beneficial lifestyle for all members of our communities. At BH communities, we offer a healthier way of life that is clean, green, and more comfortable for all of our residents. 

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