Business Intelligence Systems


Business Intelligence

The BH Business Intelligence Systems Department uses the historical, current and predictive views of operations available to us through all of our software sources and turns raw data into meaningful and useful information for business decisions delivered in an easily digestible and appealing format. This manner of data reporting allows BH to transform meaningful data into actionable strategies in a fraction of the time previously needed.


Revenue Management

BH knows that better management of pricing and seasonal exposure is the fastest, most cost- effective way to increase profits.

Pricing decisions are common, but complex and BH recognizes the need for a tactical approach to revenue optimization.  With an in-house revenue management team, we are able to collect relevant data, and strike a balance between growth and profitability.

The BH Revenue Management Team has access to many different software systems that can help understand your performance within your specific micro-markets and offer recommendations for outperformance.

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