Verified Resident-This was one of the best apartment i stayed for a year, the manager, staff's are nice and friendly, not racist, they respond to calls and fixing of stuffs.
Cheers to Forest hills Apartment.

Verified Resident- This apartment complex is awesome. When I first moved in a had a plumbing issue behind walls that caused us to transfer apartments. The office staff not only credited me a very fair amount but ensured the next apartment was to my liking. The ladies here are super friendly and very proactive about resolving your issues. I have not had a work order take over 48 hrs and I just want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the staff. Thank you for always being prompt and ready to service us. This was truly truly a great decision for me and my family of 4. You ladies and your maintenance staff are awesome.

Verified Resident-Best apartment complex ever I swear the staff is super sweet and understanding and they work with you with every problem you may have I absolutely love it here they are like my extended family

Verified Resident-I move here in June 2019 . There good apartments to live in. No crimes , good community , everything is near by , good service on maintenance.

Verified Resident-I have lived in the same apt for 4 years now. Different management comes and go. So far the current one has been good. But it has been over 2 years now that im asking for new appliances. Coz the ones i have are stone age, even though my rent goes up every 10 months, no appliances have been upgraded.
This is the only place i have lived in since I moved to Texas.

Verified Resident-Live here since September 2019. I love the stuff, they are very friendly, nice and cooperative. they take care of work orders in a timely manner.

Verified Resident-I lived here for a year. I can honestly say it was my best apartment experience yet. The staff were friendly and professional and they responded to maintenance issues quickly. My only complaint is that throughout my time at this apartment, my neighbors kept smoking by the stairs which they were not suppose to do. I don't know if this was ever addressed by the leasing office or not. But if I get the chance, I would definitely live here again.

Verified Resident-I have been living here at Forest hills since August 2019.
Forest hills has a very pleasant knowledgeable and intelligent staff and they are approachable friendly honest and helpful. We have a cozy fitness center, swimming pool and private laundry area. And let's not forget the dog park the play area for the children and soccer nets for a little bit of football. Things have gotten so much better with the new management team and I look forward to living here for a couple of more years.

Verified Resident- My experience here has been positive. I have received all necessary help with maintenance, questions and all other assistance in a timely manner. When it has come to monthly rent payments, I have regularly received the necessary additional time needed to pay the entire balance and additional fees.

Verified Resident- Recommended-The best thing about Forest Hills Apts is that it's quite and the underground parking. The staff is nice and maintenance requests are done in a timely fashion. I enjoy seeing a friendly face on the mornings when I leave for work and when I return.

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