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COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program

What is COVID-19 Relief Program?

The State of Texas established a temporary COVID-19 Relief Program to help residential customers with their utility services during this State of Disaster. The state of Texas has partnered with SOLIX to process all relief fund applications through the Texas Lifeline phone number. That number is 866-454-8387 or they can visit The person needs to select their language first, then they can either select the COVID-19 Relief option or remain on the line to speak with a representative.

What next steps should I take?

People impacted by COVID-19 that are now unemployed:

  • Call the Texas Workforce Commission and file for unemployment
  • Call Texas Lifeline at 866-454-8387 to apply for the Relief Program, they are open 24/7 or visit
  • If the household is qualified for the program, they are automatically safe from disconnection through the life of the program (currently for the next 6 months)
  • Call your utility and set up payment arrangements – this program is not a bill forgiveness program it will only assist in preventing services from being disconnected. Try to make payments as you can because once the program expires the full balance will become due.
  • If you receive SNAP or Medicaid, you’re automatically enrolled and do not need to apply.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Protect from disconnection
  • Waived late fees

For people that are impacted by COVID-19 but are still employed:

  • If you need bill-payment assistance, 211 connects you with agencies in your community who may be able to help.
    • You can visit to find programs in your area or call 2-1-1.
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