The Pure Air Pledge brings BH communities a healthier way of life that is clean, green, and more comfortable for all residents. By eliminating smoking, we are improving the air quality, keeping our environment clean and fresh, all while reducing the risk of fires.

BH is committed to providing a beneficial lifestyle for all members of our communities. Up to 65% of the air in an apartment community is shared, meaning that even smoking inside your own apartment, can negatively affect others within your community. 

At participating BH Communities with the Pure Air Pledge, smoking is no longer allowed in individual homes or common areas. All new leases at these communities will include a Pure Air Pledge lease addendum for residents, a policy that will also extend to all guests and employees as well.


Improves air quality and reduces exposure to secondhand smoke

Protects from dangers associated with secondhand smoke

Reduces death and diseases associated with secondhand smoke

Motivates others to quit

Reduces the number of people that ever start smoking

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & The American Lung Association


1. When did this change take place?

On May 1, 2021, select BH communities began the transition to becoming Pure Air Pledge communities. As a result, smoking is no longer permitted in any public areas of these communities including parking lots, picnic areas, and green spaces. Please reach out to your Community Manager to find out if your community participates in the Pure Air Pledge, and/or what limitations may exist in your community.

2. Can I still smoke in my home or on my patio/balcony?

It may take up to 18 months after beginning the Pure Air Pledge for a community to fully transition, based on lease renewals and timing. As leases renew, residents will be required to sign the Pure Air Pledge lease addendum. All new resident leases will include the Pure Air Pledge addendum, which prohibits smoking inside homes or on any patios/balconies. Any individual violating the policy will be asked to cease smoking immediately.

3. Why take the Pure Air Pledge?

At BH, our goal is to provide a comfortable living environment for all of our residents. With this change, we hope to positively impact our residents' living experiences, along with the health and the well-being of our communities at large.

4. Will e-cigarettes be allowed?

All forms of smoking, including e-cigarettes, are prohibited under the Pure Air Pledge.

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