Acquisitions Support & Underwriting

BH’s acquisition and underwriting team has a unique ability to find the right deal, at the right time for the right investor. Acquisitions leadership, underwriters and analysts work to:

  • Actively seek out unique opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis utilizing BH’s proprietary, tried and tested underwriting model.
  • Create an upfront vision for value-add projects along with projected returns and look at a wide variety of sourcing options to find the best fit.

A national footprint, the ability to close, and the expertise to deploy rapidly make BH a highly sought-after investment partner in many real estate transactions.

Due Diligence

Our “no surprises approach” to due diligence incorporates both in-house professionals and third party experts who are committed to:

  • Inspecting I00% of the units using customized tablet-based software to chart each unit’s condition and necessary replacements.
  • Auditing I00% of the leases and tying back to underwritten rent roll.
  • Reviewing all third-party reports and coordinating and completing lender repairs and requirements.
  • Preparing an all-encompassing marketing plan and create print and Internet marketing to begin immediately upon acquisition.

In-depth advanced analysis combined with thorough on-site review by seasoned professionals who are experts in their field - it’s how we create value through insight.

Asset Management

BH’s Asset Management Team proactively monitors the investment to maximize returns and value for its investors with a focus on three key areas:

  • Operations
  • Capital Budgets
  • Construction Monitoring

The team’s focus remains on what can be done to increase returns and achieve expectations including:

  • Financial modeling includes a comparison to performance
  • Reforecasting
  • Refinance workups
  • Sale workups