Timber Creek

Timber Creek Apartment Homes in Charlotte, NC underwent a remodel of its clubhouse, fitness center and model. Timber Creek was originally built in the 1980’s and still showed these original details. A challenge for this remodel was to complete all of the elements within the existing footprint. The team was able to accomplish an updated and modern look utilizing a modest budget within the small parameters.

The original clubhouse utilized mostly neutral colors with pops of orange and the stone fireplace was the centerpiece. By emphasizing the angular design of the ceiling, the team was able to create an eye-popping display, while incorporating comfortable and engaging materials in the clubhouse. A teal accent wall draws the eye up to showcase the height, while the contemporary furniture and tile fireplace keep the space feeling updated and modern.

The fitness center’s small size and low ceiling made the original space very dark and unappealing. The property's model had the same challenges as the clubhouse due to the 80’s color palette and dated accents.

The fitness center ceiling was raised to allow for new windows and natural light. The updated equipment and airy feel make for a pleasant workout space. The model incorporates modern furniture which includes a mixture of patterns and colors. The flooring and cabinetry were also updated to represent the unit upgrades. The end result in all cases make these spaces welcoming to all who enter.  

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