Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I Know which credentialing company to register with?

Click on the link to determine if the property you are partnering with is a Conventional ( or Student Housing ( property

Q: Are there fees for using the vendor credentialing services?

A: Yes, all vendors must pay a fee to enroll in RP Vendor Credentialing or Net Vendor. Your business will be categorized as an on-site or an off-site vendor based on whether your company typically visits the property or never visits the property.

              RP Vendor Credentialing (Formally Compliance depot) Onsite $99/Offsite $80

              Net Vendor: Onsite $99/Offsite $49

Q: If I'm already set up in the vendor credentialing system working with other management companies, does that mean I'm approved for BH or BHOM? 

A: No. Every management company has varying insurance requirements specific to them. These will need to be met before your status will show APPROVED for BH/BHOM.

Q: How do I bill BHOM?

A: BHOM (Student Housing) Invoicing -please submit your invoice directly to the property for processing


Q: How do I bill BH?

A: BH (Conventional Properties) requires vendors to register for either Yardi VendorCafé or EDI (electronic data interchange) invoicing in order to bill the properties for goods and services rendered. Both methods speed up the invoicing process and allow for quicker payments to our vendors. (Vendor café is not currently available for BHOM)

Q: Where do I find my account number to set up the communities?

A: The account number used should be your accounting system's unique identifier for each property. If you do not use account numbers, the property name can be unique. Please note that each property should have a unique name or number assigned.


Q: I have some PO'S that were sent to me by mail and I need to invoice for them, how do I do this?

A: Currently the system only allows you to invoice for PO's that are approved in the system. You should reach out to your contact at the PROPERTY to be sure the PO is open and approved.


Q: I don't think my account is active and I have never logged in, what should I do?

A: You should have received an email from This would have a big blue "Activate Account" link in the middle that will gain you access to the system. The first step is to find this email (maybe in SPAM) and click the link within. Please search your emails for this and if you have trouble, email:


Q: How do I get a co-worker their own login credentials for the system?

A: From the Contact Tab, click the + Add Additional Contact and begin to fill in all fields in blue. Be sure to click "Create User For Contact" and either select them with Admin or Invoice Only privileges. This will send them a login email once you click "save".


Q: The property code is not showing up when I enter in a new invoice, what do I do? 

A: Start by clicking on "property name" to bring up a pop-up box with the properties. Select the correct property and click "OK". This should auto-populate in your property name and property code automatically. If you still do not see it, please reach out to your contact as the property may not be synced.


Q: My payment status says "paid" but I have not received payment?

A: You are able to see the date the payment was released on the Payment Details tab of the invoice record. If you have allowed a reasonable time for the payment to arrive, please contact the Management Company for further support.


Q: What do the invoice statuses mean?

A: Keyed means entered, Keyed-Matched means it was received, Workflow in Progress means it is in the approval process, then it will move to Paid Fully or Rejected.


Q: How do I know if my invoice went out correctly?

A: If you click on the "Not Submitted" tab on your vendor dashboard and anything appears, you have not sent out that invoice. You can also check by clicking on the "Pending Invoices" tab and make sure they went out. It can take up to 20 minutes for a newly entered invoice to show up under "Pending.

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